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Southern Blossoms Co.

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

First off, welcome. I started this blog as a tool for all of you out there that love flowers. Whether you are a skilled professional or someone who loves to pick up a mixed bunch at the grocery store and would like to arrange it to look nice. I will be spilling the tea on all the in's and out's of how I run and design Southern Blossoms Floral.

I will be sharing everything from a step by step process on some of my most popular and/or complex weddings, to tutorials on how to put together a simple arrangement for your friend who could use a little pick-me-up, and everything in between.

You may be asking yourself, "why would you be willing to divulge all your tips and tricks, wont that hurt your business? Here is how I see it, the more familiarity I can bring to flower care and design the more people will be sharing flowers with friends and neighbors and the happier people will be. I guess you could say this is a step to how I plan on changing the world. :)

My work displayed in a home designed by the very talented Eryn Lambert. Check out her work at or @elambertdesign on instagram.

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